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Izmir City Guide

Izmir , perl of Aegean Region and the beautiful city of Turkey, the first settlement of this city was 3000 B.C. with the name "Smynra" , and the history of the area goes back up to 8000 years before.

Located right next to bay which is also named after Izmir, comes in one of the first cities of country which has a big tourism potential with it's historical and natural culture.

Ephesus which reflects and displays the whole pf Ionians Cultural Richness, was also one of the most splendid and one of the most popular and important cities of Roman Age.

The very first church constructed for the name of Virgin Mary , "Virgin Mary Church", the very first temple constructed for goddess Athena , "Temple of Athena" and world's third biggest sculpture Buca - Mevlana Sculpture are located within the border of Izmir.

The ancient Greek Poem , creator of world wide famous Iliad and Odyssey epic poems , Great Philosopher Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher Xenophanes and Anaxagoras

It has just a view of cosmopolitan with it's unique history and historical background, cultural and natural presences, with it's work of art and with it's busy trade.
Izmir keeps it's popularity with international festivals all the time.

Places to visit in Izmir

Museums; Izmir Archeological Museum (The museum constructed of 3 floors displays the arts , works and pieces, gold from Archaic Hellenistic Romans and Byzantine Ages, decorative ornament furnishings and pieces made out of silver and valuable stones, glass furnishings, coins, Sculpture of Demeter, and portrait sculptures from Archaic Ages to late Roma Era, sculptures, masks, portraits and marbles have been found during the archeological research being made around the area ).
Izmir History and Art Museum. It is being displayed stone works, valuable precious stuffs and ceramic works in this place.

Photography an Sculpture Museum, Izmir Ethnography Museum (The neoclassical structure from 19.Th century is being used as a museum since 1988), Selcuk Ephesus Museum (There are 50 thousand pieces and counting belonging to Mycenaean - Archaic - Hellenistic - Roma - Byzantium - Seljuks - Ottomans and it is one of the most important and popular museum of Turkey for the number of visitors it gets every year), Trade Office Museum, Izmir - Agora, Ataturk Museum, Bergama / Pergamon Museum , Cesme and Odemis Museums, Birgi Cakiraga Pavilion and Tire Museum.

Ruins; Smyrna - Tepekule ( Izmir was established in this area in 7000 B.C., and there is wine and beer factory of Tekel (Turkish State Liquor and Tobacco Monopoly) in this land ).

Ephesus Antique City; This antique city of a complex has the specialty of being an important city of the first ages with it's important monuments and structures such as Gate of Magnesia, East Gymnasium, Odeon, Agora of State, Major center of Commerce, Memmius Monument, Temple of Domitian, Kuretes Street, Trajan Fountain, Scholastic Hamams, Latrian, Hadrian Temple, Hillside Houses, love house, Celsus Library , Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates, Agora of Commerce, Serapis Temple, Marble Street, Antique Theater, Arcadian / Arcadius Street, Theater Gymnasium, Harbor Gymnasium and Hamams, Cifte Double Churches (Consul Church), Stadium, Vedius Gymnasium, Artemis Temple, Seven Sleepers and St. Jean Church.

Bargama / Pergamon Antique City; It is an important highlight of Izmir with it's great monuments and ruins such as, Acropolis, Heroons, Palaces of kings, Arsenal, Water Arks, Altar of Zeus, Agora, Theater, Temple of Dionysos, Demeter Sacred Area, Bargama Library (Library of Pergamon), Gymnasiums and with it's Roman Cities.

Mosques and Tombs; Isa Bey Mosque (1375), Birgi Ulu Mosque (1312 - 1313), Kemeralti Mosque (1671), Doganbey (1384), Yogurtluoglu / Yavukluoglu Mosque (15. century), Salepcioglu Mosque (1906), Yali / Konak Mosque (18. century one of the most elegant mosques of Izmir), Basdurak / Haci Huseyin Mosque (1652), Kestane Pazari Mosque (1667), Sadirvan Mosque (1636), Hisar Mosque (1537, it displays the best examples of Ottoman Decoration Art), Faik Pasa Mosque (16. Century), Aliaga (1672), Hatuniye (1739), Corakkapi Mosque (1747), Iki Cesmelik Mosque (1893) and Emir Sultan Tomb (one of the oldest historical cites of Izmir).

Synagogues; Sinyora / Giveret, Salom / Aydinlis, Algazi Synagogue, Bikkur Holim Synagogue, Etz Hayim Synagogue, Hevra / Talmut Tora and Bet Illel Synagogues.

Monument of Ataturk (the monument was established in 1933 and is located in city center and the order of Ataturk "Soldiers, Your first target is Mediterranean , Go Ahead" is written on it.

Konak Pier (used to be duty office, 19. century), Government Office (the office was constructed in 1868 - 1872 and the Turkish National Flag that was put on the office right after the entrance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to Izmir symbolize the liberation of Izmir city).

Clock Tower (constructed in 1901 and is being accepted as the symbol of the city , and the clock of the tower was gifted by German Emperor II. Wilhelm) , culture and tourism ministry (1891), Asansor (it was first built in 1907 to make the transportation easier. Dario Moreno Street and it's restaurant with the unique and amazing view of the bay on it's roof terrace is one of the most visited and popular places for tourist and visitors of the city).

Izmir National Library and Elhamra Movie Theater (the construction was started in 1912 and was completed in 1933.This place is the first "national" library of Turkey), Kemeralti (it is one of the busiest shopping mall market since the first ages up to present days), Alipasa Cylinder, Donertas Fountain, Basmane Hotels Street (the houses constructed in the early 20. century are converted into hotels for the visitors and is one of the most popular touristic area of the city). Kizlaragasi Shopping Center (the place was open in 1744 is one of the highlight of tourist for souvenir shopping , Cakaloglu Busines Center, Mimar (architect) Kemalettin Street, St. Polycarp Church and Kadifekale (the castle was constructed by the order of Alexander The Great in 3. century B.C. And it was used during Roma Byzantines Principalities and during the management of Ottoman Empire) are only some of the important highlights, cites and places of interest in Izmir city.

Provinces of Izmir
Aliaga, Seferihisar, Balcova, Odemis, Bayindir, Narlidere, Bergama (Pergamon), Menemen, Beydag, Menderes, Bornova, Konak, Burca, Kiraz, Buca, Kinik, Cesme, Kemalpasa, Cigli, Karsiyaka, Dikili, Karaburun, Foca, Selcuk / Ephesus Ancient City, Gaziemir, Tire, Guzelbahce, Torbali, and Urla.

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