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Ephesus Ancient City

What are the characteristics of the ancient city of Ephesus?

Ephesus Ancient City, located within the borders of Selcuk Town of Izmir city.  It is not only one of the most important settlement area of the ancient world but also one of the most famous ancient city of the world. Hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it would not be false if we call it the most famous Ancient City of whole Turkey. Anatolia is being estimated to be a settlement during the Bronze Age and the name in this era for Anatolia was "Apasas" which is again being estimated that this name belongs to a warrior queen.

According to archeologist guess, the first settlement of Ephesus Ancient city was situated around the castle where the St. John's Church was established. It is known that in the beginning the ancient city of Ephesus was settled around this castle, and the city Artemis Temple was the continuation of Mother Goddess Anatolia's Cult was one of the most significant worship center. Temple of Artemis was also a pilgrimage center in this ancient times.

The city was conquered by the Ancient Greeks after the famous Trojan War in 12th and 11th century.
Greeks, After occupying and getting involved with the local people had established an Antique City government and changed the name of this city as Ephesus (in Turkish Efes). After Alexander the Great, the city was moved from the place around castle to the valley between Bulbul and Panayir Mountain (Magnesium Mountain_, where the ruins still exists presently in today's world.

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