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Isparta City Guide

Isparta, as being one of the most beautiful city of Mediterranean region of Turkey is most famous for it's nice fragrant roses and for it's natural wonder lakes. The area has plenyt of caves as most of the are is constitute of plains and plateaus 45% of the land.

The city located in the area of Turkey which is named as the "lakes area" shelters Egirdir Lake, Golcuk and  Kovada Lakes within it's border.

Kirazlidere around Sidre Area presents one of the most beautiful landscape view of Turkey for having the most spectacular / magnificent lake of Turkey , Egirdir Lake and the beautiful large and big forest established on the foot of mountain behind Egirdir lake.

The city provides a lot of opportunities and available hot spots for nature sports and activities, some of them might be listed as follow;

Fari Binda Antique Ruins in Keciborlu / Fori.

Tol Ruins; within the shore of Beysehir Lake and in Gokkaya Town of Konya City
Belkuyu, Belova, Camili and Kurucaoluk Plateaus, and Egirdir Belde Village , camping and trekking activities in Egirdir Kovada National Park, Jeep Safari activities available in Kovada Lake National Park, Akpinar, Egirdir and Aksu Villages, Gelincik Village, Yilali Village, Kasnak Mesesi National Park and many other spots, various mountain sports and mountain climbing in Bozburun, Barla, Davras, Dedegul, Egirdir Sivrisi and Akdag Mountains, ski sports in Davras Winter Sports Tourism Center, available racecourse for rafting and many other water sports in Akarsu and in other rivers around and racecourses available for paragliding tours in many points of Isparta.

Egirdir Lake is also available for water sports, Mediterranean Cup Sailing  Races were held here in 1997.

Isparta is famous and an important city with it's historical background as well as it's great wonderful natural beauties and it's spectacular lakes. It's castle established during Seljuks Empire, Churches of Byzantine Time, Antiocheia (Pisidia Antioch), Great Ancient city in Yalvac and Ruins and many other artifacts in Bayat are some other examples , structures, architectures and highlights of the citu which takes attention of it's visitors and tourist.

During the time Christianity was spreading over, St. Paul one of the 12 disciple of Jesus Christ used to live for a while in this region makes the area an important tourism location for believers.

Saint Paul Church which was one of first churches of Christianity's History has only it's basement left ruins in our present days.

Places to visit in Isparta
Museums; Isparta Museum and Yalvac Museum.

Men Holy Field / Center in Yalvac.

Antiocheia in Yalvac; This area located 1 km away from Yalvac Town on the north was the capital of Pisidia.

Limenia Island  - Temple of Artemis in the lake of Hoyra.

Seleucia Sidera Antique City (Bayat) in Atabey Bayat; This antique city was established by Seleucians in Bayat Village.

Timbria Antique Colony; The place is around the village of Akcasar, and was one of the Pisidia City.

Prostanna Antique City in Egirdir - Sevirebey; Being one of the Pisidia City location is located behind Egirdir Sharply Mountain.
Parlais Antique City; The city was established as an Ancient Roma Colony is on the top of Kilic Town.

Tymandos Antique City (Yassioren); is located within the border of Senirkent and Yassioren Town.

Adada Antique City Sutculer / Sagral; The Antique City located in Sutculer Town Sigirlik Village was a center of sacred religious and a center of where the money was printed during the Helenistic Period had it's top popular time.

Fari Binda Antique Ruins in Keciborlu / Fori.

Tol Ruins; within the shore of Beysehir Lake and in Gokkaya Town of Konya City

Apollonia Mordion Antique City - Uluborlu / City Center; was established by Seleucians in century B.C.

Castles; Egirdir Castle, Ugurlu Castle.
Historical Mosques; Devlethan Mosque, New Mosque, Hizirbey Mosque, Kutlubey (Grand) Mosque and Firdevs Pasa Mosque / Mimar Sinan Mosque.

Davras Winter Sports Tourism Center is located 26 km away from city center.

Caves; Pinargozu Cave, Zindan Cave, Gumus Ini Cave, Erenler Cave, Civ, Kuz, Kadi Deligi Caves, Karatas, Ayi Ini, inonu, Kapikaya, Peynir ini, Uluborlu Orlugu Caves.

Canyons; Koprucayi Canyon, Yazili Canyon.

Caravansaries; Ertokus Caravansary, Egirdir Caravansary.

Isparta Provinces.
Aksu, Uluborlu, Atabey, Sarkikaraagac, Egirdir, Sutcular, Gelendost, Senirkent, Gonen, Yalvac, Keciborlu and Yenisarbademli.

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