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Hatay City Guide

Hatay , famous with it's rich culture and historical artifacts which is also named as Antakya has a great variety of rich cultural history.  It is one of the oldest known settlement place of the earth , the establishment of the city goes back up to 8000 B.C.

It was included in the land of Turkey as of 1939.
The city established by General Seleucus who took place of Alexander the great , and had it's utmost magnificent age during Ancient Roma. It was one of the biggest cities of the world after Roma, Alexandria and Ephesus.

Being a center for science, art, trade and at the same time Christianity for ages , having plenty of earthquake had damaged many of the historic artifacts in this area.

At the same time Hatay still has plenty of historical artifacts and structures carried out of centuries to our present days. St. Pierre Church is one of the must-see places and structure of the city.

This Church structure which is also a natural cave at the same time had been visited by St. Pierre, St. Paul and St. Barnabas during the time when Christianity was spreading all over the world , is also known and had been marked in history as the first church where the first religious meeting was held.

Antakya / Hatay is an attractive tourism center for travelers and history lovers for having , Muslims , Christians, Jewish and other populations of other religions who had lived through out centuries in peace, small streets representing old Antakya, rough river and with it's gorgeous historical artifacts.

Places to visit in Hatay / Antakya
Hatay Archeological Museum (Antakya Mosaic Museum); The museum is labeled as the second museum  of the world which has the most mosaic materials in it, as it has plenty of  artifacts specially from the age of Ancient Roma, and Byzantines Empires found in the archeological resource had been made in the area. This place is located in the center of Cumhuriyet (Republic Center) next to Asi River.

Ruins and ancient sites; St. Pierre Church - Antakya, Cevlik Ruins - Samandag Kapisuyu Village, Kuruyer, Accana Ruins - Merus Reyhanli Varisli Village.

Harbiye Defne , had it's name heart all over the world as Daphne, and its on the road of Turkey to Syria therefore it's also a stop place for many visitors and tourists. Located 7 km away from Antalya and takes attraction of tourists and visitors by it's natural beauties.

Titus Rock Tunnel; It is an antique city located 5 km south of Samandag, and it was established in 300 B.C.
The purpose of this tunnel was to stop the flood in the area, therefore the tunnel goes 1380 mt length, and is surrounded by rock tombs and caves.

Tel Accana Ancient City; The ruins is located around the road of Antakya - Reyhanli and has 2 palace ruins established in the 5th century B.C.
Kinet Mound located on the crossroads.

Necropolis of Hatay is located around the town of Kuzuculu and Karakese.

Imma Ancient Settlement, this ancient city is around Reyhanli Town.

Tainat Ruins; The area covers the Hittites Temple and Palace in a resource had been made through the area.

Dor Temple is a hill located near Kapisuyu and Cevlik Town.

Water Canals; The ruins of Canals and Bridges from Seleucus time of the period.

Mosque and Churches; Habib Neccar Mosque, Grand Mosque, Seyh Ahmet Kuseyri, Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosques, first catholic church of Christians Saint Pierre Church, St. Simon Stylite Monastery, Keldagi Barleam and Yayladagi Barleam Monasteries are only some of the great mosques and churches in the are and it's worth while to give a visit to those places.

City Walls and Iron Gate

Castles; Darbisak Castle, Payas Castle, Koz (Kursat) Castle, Bakras Castle and Cin Tower.
Caravansaries and Hamams (Baths); Meydan Hamam, Cindi Bath, Saka Hamam, Yeni Hamam and Sokullu Caravansary with Kursunlu Caravansaries are still in use.

Spas and Thermals; Kisecik Village Healing Springs, Reyhanli Hamamat Thermals, Reyhanli Bath, Erzin Baslamis Spas and Healing springs.

Sariseki Cave; The cave is located around Kursunlu Town and it's also names as Bird's Cave by locals in the area.

These places in the area Karincali Plateaus, Bagriacik, Erzin, Uckoz, Kocaduz, Sogukoluk Belen Guzelyayla (Beautiful Plato / Plateau)  provides opportunities and racecourses for various type of outdoor sports and activities such as camping, nature and mountain walking tours, and for photography safari.

Provinces of Hatay
Samandag, Belen, Altinozu, Reyhanli, Antakya (city center), Kumlu, Dortyol, Kirikhan, Erzin, Iskenderun, Hassa and Yayladag.

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