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Gaziantep, the city on eastern Anatolia had witnessed various cultures hosts plenty of historic artifacts within it's border. The Historical background of the city goes back up to Chalcolithic / Copper Age also has been host  and a settlement place for many  type of civilizations in history.

The city established between Mesopotamia where the first civilizations center is and Mediterranean Sea  was also in the list of four biggest cities of Kingdom of Commagene before being a part of Ancient Rome in 64 year B.C.

After being joint to Ancient Rome Empire , it was named Zeugma which means bridge. According to archeological resources made over the area ae ruins that have been found in the area shows that the city  established on many trade roads such as Ancient Silk Road and many other trade and important communication center was being used as a trade, military, art center and as a communication center in that time.

In our present day, almost 1 our of 4 of the land of Zeugma Antique City was buried under the water or Birecik Lake.
Gaziantep as it's geographical and strategical location is a very important city especially for GAP EAP(Eastern Anatolian Project)  project on a agriculture and economical basis volume.

Traditional Local Kitchens and Dishes of Gaziantep such as it's Kebabs, Lahmacun (A kind of Turkish Pizza / Pide), Baklava (Turkish Dessert), Pistachios and such as sweet pastes and many other delicious dishes and cuisines of the area has an important role over the tourism of the city.

Places to visit in Gaziantep.
Museums; Gaziantep Museum, Gaziantep Archeological and Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Hasan Suzer Ethnography Museum, Yesemen Open Air Museum and Sculpture Workshop.

Belkis Zeugma Antique City; Located on the edge foot of Birecik Lake around Belkis Village 10 km away of Nizip Town, and it was established inthe third century B.C.

Zincirli Samal Ruins; established in Zincirli Village.

Tilmen Tumulus; is 10 km away of Islahiye village on the east side, around the creek of Karasu.

Duluk Antique City; 10 km away from Gaziantep.

Sakcagozu Coba Tumulus.

Cincikli Ruins; on the foods of Amanos Mountains in the town of Altinuzum / Bogazici.

Castles; Gaziantep Castle, Rumkale Castle, Araban Castle and Tilbasan Castle.

Castle of Gaziantep; This master piece which is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles of Turkey is within the city center of Gaziantep.
Karkamis Ruins; Karkamis Antique City is on the west side of Firat River between Turkey and Syria border.

Historical Gaziantep Houses; also referred as Kosklu Evler Houses , these historical houses gives the city it's  own structure and architecture.

Fountains; Those are the symbols of Gaziantep architectures and most of them are worth to see. The biggest and most popular of those fountains are Seyh Fethullah Fountain, Ihsan Bey Fountain, Pisirici, Imam-i Gazeli, Ahmet Celebi and Kozluca Fountains.

Memorial monument graveyards and tombs; Hisar Monument Grave, Hasanoglu Memorial Graveyard, Gaziantep Dolmen Cemetery are within the border of Yavuzeli Town.

Caravansaries; There used to be 31 caravansaries ,but those which had preserved it's complete or part of it's structure up to our present days are mainly; Sira Caravansary, Emirali, Tuz , Belediye, Pasa / Lala Mustafa Pasa, Anadolu, Kurkcu, Elbeyli, Yeni Yuzukcu, Millet, Tutuncu, Mecidiye, Haci Omer, Budeyri and Yeni Caravansary.

Historic Churches; Kendirli Church and Nizip Fevkani Church.

Synagogues; The Synagogue Located in the center of city in Dugmeci District was built in 1886 , but it's not available for usage at present.

Hamams and baths, some of the historic and antique hamams or baths which had been preserved up to our present days are; Bath of Seyh Fethullah , Iki Kapili Hamam, Keyvanbey Bath, Huseyin Pasa  / Tuglu Bath, Pasa, Naip, Eski, Nakipoglu, Tabak and Pazar Hamams (also called baths).

Gaffur Baba Hill and Akyokus Location provides available racecourse around itself for paragliding and parachutes sports.

The shore of Firat River, Sof Mountain Plateau,  Hizir Plateaus / Amanos Mountains,  Rumkale Surroundings,  Burc Forest and Duluk Forests provides great opportunities and areas for trekking and mountain walking tours and sports.

Provinces of Gaziantep
Sahinbey Centre, Sehitkamil Center, Oguzeli Center, Nurdagi, Islahiye, Karkamis, Nizip, Yavuzeli and Araban

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