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Erzurum City Guide – Turkey

Erzurum, biggest city of Eastern Anatolia (Turkey) is located on the foot of Palandoken Mountain. The Historic background / past of the city goes back up to 4000 B.C.
Having a huge important tourism potential in present days , the city covers a lot of historical artifacts and it has been host for a lot of Anatolian Civilizations and cultures again it had a very critical and important role during Turkish War of Independence.

It is one of the most interest drawing city for tourism field of country as it consists a lot of places for winter sports besides it's historical artifacts. It is possible to join one of the several Turkey Vacation Packages especially designed for Eastern Turkey that is Including Erzurum, Yalova, Mardin City.

The Winter Sports Ski Center in Erzurum Palandoken Mountain gives opportunities of winter sports activities to it's visitors 180 days a year for ski lovers.

Besides these, Coruh River within the border of Ispir provides many racecourses for rafting sports and rafting tours. Dumlupinar and Palandoken Mountains, Tortum Waterfalls and neighbors also provides great places and racecourse for mountain walking tours and trekking and these are quite popular places of the area.

The World Wide famous Oltu Stone (also known as Kehribar Stone) was found in the town of Oltu in Erzurum.

It is very difficult to dig Oltu Stone as it's very sensitive and can be broken down during the process of digging is being used to make ornament / decorations stuffs, Tespih (beads) and some jewelery when used with gold and silver.

Places to visit in Erzurum, Turkey

Museums; Archeology Museum, Turkish Islamic Art Museum, Ataturk House Museum, 23rd July Congress Saloon, the structure in the congress arena is the place where the 23rd July Congress was held, the building had been arranged as a museum is also being as Beautiful Arts School.

Erzurum Double Minarets (Towers) Madrasah is being assumed from the middle of 13th century.
Erzurum Castle is being said it was built in 5th Century A.C. by Byzantines.

Three Tombs (Uc Kumbetler) is being said that one of the tomb is the tomb of the found of Saltuklu Dynasty.

Tower Clock is in Erzurum Castle.

Ispir Castle, Narman Samikale, Pasinler (Hasankale) Castle and Oltu Castle.

Historical Mosques; Ulu (Grand) Mosque also known as Atabek Mosque, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, Gurcu Gate,Murat Pasa Mosque, Kose Omer Aga, Boyahane and Caferiye Mosques.

Churches; Penek Village Church, Virgin Mary Church (Bagbasi Church).

Cobandede Bridge was built by Ilkhanate Empire on the river of Aras in 1297.

Caravansaries; Gumruk Caravansary, Cennetzade Caravansary, Kanberoglu and Karasu Caravansary.

Palandoken Winter Sports and Tourism Center; The Ski Center take places 5 km away from city center in south west , and best season is from December to May.

It is being attributed as the second biggest ski center of the world by the Federation of International Ski Centers.
Tortum Lake and Waterfalls; is 120 km away from the city center on the edge of North side of Tortum Lake.

The Area also provides great places for mountain and water sports besides it's natural beauty.

Narman Fairy Chimneys; These geologic structures has a unique looking located 17 km away on the south of Narman Village.

Caves; Elamli Cam Cave, Olur Town Yildizkoyu Cave.

Thermal Spas; Spring Spas, Pasinlar Thermal and Akdag Spa.

Erzurum Provinces;
Erzurum City Center, Tekman, Askale, Tortum, Cat, Uzundere, Hinis, Senkaya, Horosan, Senkaya, Ilica, Pazaryolu, Pasinler, Ispir, Olur, Karacoban, Oltu, Karayazi, Narman and Koprukoy.

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