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Elazig City Guide

Elazig is neighboor with Tunceli on north, Erzincan on north west, Bingol on east Diyarbakir on south and Malatya on west part and is one of the biggest improving city of Turkey on eastern side.

Mount Hasan which is the highest point of Taurus Mountains (2118 meters) is on the west side of the city.
The city having the name "Elazig" right after the visit of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Founder of Turkish Republic) in 1937 is taking attractions of many tourists especially with it's Historic Harput City as for the culture  tourism field of the country.

Harput city has an important tourism potentiality by giving an atmosphere of an open air museum to it's visitors.

Elazig is also famous and popular with it's natural beauties as much as with it's historic and cultural background, and some of the most important of these natural highlights are Keban Lake, Hazar Lake, Buzluk (Ice) Cave and the thermal and ski centers available for winter sports therefore having a various types of rich cultural and historical arts to serve to it's guests.

Places to visit in Elazig
Elazig Archeology and Ethnography Museum; The Museum take place in the campus of Engineering Faculty of  Firat University which is displaying plenty of archeological and ethnographic pieces as well as hand weaving rugs and carpets.

Harput Castle (Milk Castle); The caslte is located on the top of the rocks which are on the south east of Harput was established in Urartu Period.

Ulu Cami Grand Mosque is one of the oldest and important building of the city.

Some of the other important historical mosques can be listed as; Saruhatun Mosque, Aga Mosque, Kursunlu Mosque, Fetih Ahmet Baba (Shrine of Fetih Ahmet) Mosque and his tomb and Tomb of Mansur.
Harput Syriac Kadim Virgin Mary Church; the church had been constructed in year 179 A.C which takes place on the east side of Harput Castle.

Monuments of Belek Gazi and Cubuk Bey.

Hamam (Bath) of Hoca Hasan, Cemsit Bey Hamam (Bath) and water of Harput.

Keban Denizli Caravansary is a piece from the period of Seljuk (Seljuq) .

Hot thermal springs and mineral spa springs;  Golan Thermal (Yogunagac), Murudu Suyu Spa (Sarilik Cesmesi), Yurtbasi Mineral Water Spa (Hogu), Akcakiraz Spring (Percenc),  Gumus Kavak Mineral spring (Hirhirik), Korucu Village (Genefik) Spring and Buban Hame Thermal Spring.

Hazarbaba Ski Center; Tourism and ski center is located on the Haszar Baba Mountains  on the south of Sivrice Town is available for winter tourism sports.

Provinces of Elazig;
Kovancilar, Elazig, Merkez, Maden, Agin, Palu, Alacakaya, Keban, Aricak, Karakocan, Baskil and Sivrice.

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