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Edirne city, had been capital to one of the greatest empire of all times Ottoman Empire, for 88 years, surrounded by mosques, caravansaries, baths & hamams and antique old bridges decked in every corner all over the city is in the west side of the country neighbor and on the border of  Bulgaria and Greece, in the joint where Tuna (Danuba) river and  Maritsa (Meric) river joins.

Edirne has a very rich history and culture background.

The most attractive of these historical artifacts are the magnificent mosques had been constructed during Ottoman Empire.

Selimiye mosque  which Architect Sinan mentioned that it's the master piece of mine had been established in 1575 has the highest minarettes (mosque towers) of Turkey with a height of 70.56 mt.

Kirkpinar oily wrestling is one of the most popular activity of the area taking attraction of many people every year.

This world-wide traditional wrestling festival is held in Sarayici area during the last week of  June and the first week of July every year , and is hosting many visitors from all over the world.

Edirne has plenty of sandy beautiful beaches along the Aegean cost in  the bay of Saros. Danisment, Erikli, Sazlidere, Mecidiye, Gokcetepe and Yayla beaches in Kesan Town, Vakif, Gulcavus, Sultanice beach, Karaincirli Shore and Enez are available for shore-use and are very crowded during summer in Enez Town.

Beside those, there are plenty of beautiful and nice places available for trekking, camping, caravan tourism and for sportive fishing.

Places to visit in Edirne
Museums; Museum of Edirne, Edirne Archeological and Ethnography Museum, Edirne Turkish Islam Art Museum, Trakya University Sultan II.  Bayezit Health Museum, Memorial of Sukurpasa and Balkan Battle Museum.
Castle of Enez Macedonia Clock Tower and City Archeological Park; Enez (Ainos) town 3.5 km away from the shore at present, but it was a very important harbor city during the Antique Age and had gained a lot of popularity during Ancient Rome and Ottoman Empire as a crowded town. The churches , Enez Castle and hand made graves in this area are some of the things worth to visit in this area.

The stone graves from the 2000 year B.C and 1000 B.C. are in Lalapasa town.

Mosques and churches; Selimiye Mosque, Three Crescent (Uc Hilal) Mosque,  Muradiye, II. Beyazit , Fatih,Eski, Yildirim mosques and Sweti George Church.

Palaces; Edirne Palace, Cihannuma Kasri Palace, Babussade, Matbahi Amire and Justice Palace,

Houses of Edirne;

Rustempasa Caravansary, Emekcioglu Ahmet Pasa Carvansary.
Bridges; Fatih Bridge, Bayezid Bridge, Palace Magnificent Palace, Emekcizade Ahmet Pasa Bridge, Meric, Gazi Mihal Bey, Sehabettin Pasa bridges and Uzunkopru bridges are some of the most important historical bridges in the area.

Fountains; Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasa Fountain, Yahya Bey Fountain, Sinan Aga and Tavanli Fountains;

Bazaars and Historic Markets, Bedestan Ali Pasa Covered Bazaar, Selimiye Bazaar.

Sokullu Hamam (Turkish Bath) was constructed in 16th Century.

Gala Lake Nature Preserving Area is within the borders of Enez Town, Karpuzlu and Tepe Villages

Provinces of Edirne;
Suloglu, Kesan, Uzunkoylu, Enez, Meric, Havsa, Kesan and Ipsala.

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