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Duzce, the city established in 3 century B.C takes it's name from Hypion (Melen creek). Melen creek having the second biggest river flow of the country after Coruh is a popular place for those rafting lovers.

Duzce after having an unfortunate earthquake in 1991 had been turned into 81. city of Turkey in
9 December 1991 in order to make the area improve and grow itself even faster.

Duzce is one of the highlights of Turkey that is in a list of must-see places for it's unique nature beauties.

While Cumari town, Gumusova province, Cilimli district takes attention of visitors by it's own architecture structures, Yigilca Province Saklikent Waterfalls, Sarikaya and Gokcekaya caves are standing with their natural beauties and serving a good trips to it's visitors.

Hasanlar Barrage Lake is a very enjoyable place for having sportive fishing and with it's magnificent landscape around.

Having and atmosphere of shore town Akcakoca is one of the best and most crowded place of the are especially during summer with it's sandy beaches , caves, wooden made Ottoman style architectural houses.

Places to visit in Duzce
Konuralp Museum; the antique city of Ancient Rome, Prusias Ad Hypium is the only one antique city of west Black Sea. The archeological pieces from Neolithic Era up to Ottoman Dynasty are being displayed for it's visitors in this museum.

Akcakoca Cenevis Castle is 3 km away from the city center.

Konuralp Mosque had been established in 14. century.

Samandere Waterfalls (Nature Monument) is 26 km away on the south east of the city center.

Aglayan Waterfalls is on the way to Samandere Waterfalls.

Guzeldere Waterfalls is 16 kilometers from Golyaka.

Lake of Efteni and Bird's Paradise is in Golyaka Town.

Topuk Plateau, Karaduz, Koca Yayla, Odayeri, Torkul, Goreti and Purenli Plateaus are available and a popular places for various nature sport activities such as; camping, trekking and nature photographing.

Ceneviz Castle Beach, Cayagzi Kumpinar, Akkaya Village, Edilli Agzi Beach, Melanagzi Town Shores are some of the popular places of the area.

Provinces of Duzce
Kaynasli, Akcakoca, Gumusova, Cumayeri, Yigilca and Cilimli.

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