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Cappadocia region located in the inner central side of Turkey is one of the most beautiful place on earth where the history combined with the nature elegantly. The rock formations in this region had began with the ashes and lavas that mount Erciyes and Hasandagi Mountain spread all over the area, afterward those ashes and lava was formed with the rain and winds over millions of years.

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Through out the history, the geographical events and factors formed the rocks into world wide known Fairy Chimneys (Peribacalari), which was the perfect chance for the inhabitants and human beings living here to make their houses and carving churches inside of those very cave fairy chimneys. Even today we can see the signs and traces of those civilizations with the beautiful wall paintings and frisks that carried out the story of those civilizations into our present days. Human settlement in the area goes back as early as the Paleolithic era. The land where the Hittites used to live as well has became the most significant center of the Christianity.

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Geologic Formation of the rocks and caves in Cappadocia;
Over 60 millions year back, in the Geologic ages Taurus mountains raised. when the Anatolia Plato had squashed volcanoes got activated. Erciyes, Hasandagi and the Golludagi in between, had started to spray volcanic lava and ashes to the area. The ashes gained together on the Plato started to have some tuff layer. The upper side of these tufa got covered with the hard basalt of the volcano from time to time. Over years, the rain had started to flow on these tuffs and the wind got in action too, which made these mushroom shaped rock formations and caves in all over the area. After Cappadocia gained its formation over thousands, millions of years, the local people gave a name to these strange,funny and interesting formed rocks; "Fairy Chimneys"

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