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Burdur is located in the area of Turkey which is also being mentioned as the Lake Area of Turkey and is a very important West Mediterranean  city for cultural and historical richness and is neighbor with Isparta, Antalya, Mugla Afyon and Denizli.

Burdur lake is the biggest lake of this area and Suda Lake is known and accepted as the cleanest lake of the earth.

The historical ruins and the archeological resources made in the area which is also known as the Pisidia Antique City shows that the history of this place goes back up to 9000 years ago until Paleolithic Age / Era.

The stone drawings has been found especially in Baskuyu Village of Yesilova has footprints of people used to live int prehistoric Stone Age this shows us how important the city was for culture and history of Asia-minor (Anatolia) settling location. We can also witness the importance of the city with the footprints from Ottoman Empire.

The city has protected it's historic heritage with it's mosques, caravansaries,  old-style houses and with the unique pavilions.
The old houses and pavilions which display the Ottoman Civil structuring  and which are still there at present are definitely worth to see.
Besides these beauties and heritages, Insuyu Cave which is the first cave opened for tourism in Turkey is worth to visit as well.

The cave located in Mandira Village is 597mt long and has a lot of  stalagmites and is a nature wonder as having 9 big and small lakes inside of it. Beside Insuyu Cave, recently discovered Sefer Yitigi Cave also takes attraction of visitors.

Places to Visit in Burdur
Burdur Museum is in the top 10 of Turkey's museums for rich-materials as it has more than 58,000 art , historic and other kind of pieces inside to display it's visitors.

Tas Oda (Stone Room) Ethnography Museum is in Pazar district of the city which is displaying the 17.Century Otooman architectures.

Ruins & Antiue cities; Burdur and it's neighborhood has more than 25 antique cities and ruins the most important of these are Bubon Golhisar,Sagalassos (Aglasun), Balbura Altinyayla,Cremna (Bucak) ,  Sia and Tymbrianassus.

Mosques and Thumbs; Ulucamii (Grand-Mosque) Mosque, Dengere Mosque and DortAyak Thumb.

Clock Castle

Incir and Susuz Caravansaries

Historic houses and pavilions; Misirlilar (Egyptian) house, Bakibey Konagi (Koca oda), Bakibey House, Cetinerler Houses, Pribaslar Houses etc. are some of the importang old-style houses of the city.

Kurucag Mound is a prehistoric mound in Kurucag Village which is 15 km away from the city center.

Burdur and Salda lake beside it's natural beauties are available for some sport activities such as wind surfing and scuba diving.

Sportive Fishing is also available in Golhisar and Karatas Lakes besides those.

Caves; Insuyu Cave and Sefer Yigit Cave.

Provinces of Burdur;
Karamanli, Altinyayla,Yesilova,Aglasun, Tefenni, Bucak, Golhisar, Cavdir, Kemer and Celtikci.

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