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Artvin City Black Sea

Artvin, The city goes along the valleys where the Coruh rivers goes through , having the wonders of the nature on the Black Sea cost of Turkey.

The micro-conditioning that Coruh River basin has makes the area a unique among it's category. Having the high mountains and hills around did not make the quality of life less but just opposite it makes it even more colorful.

This cute city is a corner from the paradise for especially those nature lovers with it's mountains all around, valleys, green forests, plateaus, crater lakes, and the varies specialty of the climate it has.

River Coruh  rising from the Mescit Mountains passing through Georgia and joining Black Sea is available for rafting, river ski, and many other water sports and gets a lot of visitors every year from locals and foreigner tourists as well. The 4th world River Championship was holded in this area in 1993.

Beside this big and long river there are some other small rivers connected to this river such as Altiparmak Barhal Small River.

Besides these specialties  the area is suitable with it's trekking sport, mountain climbing and sports, horse riding in Bibilan , natural photographing in Karcal Mountains are amazing places for the visitors.

Artvin takes attention with it's festivals Caucasus Tourism and Culture Festival during 2-4 June, 1-5 Hopa Culture , Art and Sea Festival, Savsat Sahara Beet Festival on the 4th july are only some of the festivals must see in Artvin.

Those instruments are used in Artvin local musics, bagpipe, accordion, Kemanci (a small violin), drum, Zurna.

Places to Visit in Artvin
Castles;  Artvin Castle, Ardanuc Gavhernic Castle, Savsat Satlet Kalesi, Ardanuc Ferhatli Castle.
Mosques; Iskenderpasa Mosques and Thombs, Ortacalar Central Mosque, Muratli Mosque, Esenkoy Mosque, Kocabey Mosque, Demirkent Mosque.

Churches; Barhal Altiparmak Churche, Ishan Monastery Church, Four Churches, Dolishane Church, Porta Monastery Churche, Tibetian Church, New Rabat Church, Ibriga Sapeli Churche, Bridge Churche.

Hatila Valley National Park is 10 km away from the Artvin city center,having a dark green forest,a small river Hatila coming from the top of the valley, clean fresh air and amazing atmosphere makes this valley a natural gift.

Sahara-Karagol National Park is 17 km away from Savas.
Macahel-Gorgit Efeler is a natura protecting having rainy forests, with valuable old trees this is a natural forest area.

Savsat and Borkca Lakes, Crater lake with tail, Karagol ice lake in Yusufeli, Sea, Cow and Davar lakes.
Savangin is a cave with a script from Prehistoric age that is not decoded yet.

Provinces of Artvin
Borkca, Murgul,Ardanuc,Hopa,Yusufeli,Arhavi and Savsat.

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