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Usak City, located on the Aegean Region of Turkey on the crossroads of  Central Anatolia meets Western Turkey, where the settlement had been alive since 400 B.C. was named as Temenothyrea in ancient times.
The city was dominated and ruled by the following kingdoms and empires one after another; Phrygians, Lydians, Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, Ancient Roma, Byzantines, the Beylik of Germian  / Seljuks and Ottoman Empire. The area was finally urbanized and turned into a city status in by declaring the indecency from Kutahya city, in  1953 after the republication of Turkey.

The canyons within the border of Ulubey province of Usak City are only some of the main nature beauties and wonder of nature which has a great potential of nature and natural horse riding, hiking tourism and outdoor activities for the visitors and sightseeing.
Murat Mountain provides a great racecourse for bicycle riding, and the haunting which is being supported by the haunting tourism are also some other alternative outdoor activities of this amazing area.

The Cirit / Jereeed (a traditional Turkish equestrian sport) is being memorized by the international contest and competition being held in this  location every year.

Plateaus carnivals and festivals are quite significant to improve the nature and plateaus  tourism of the region.

Places to visit in Usak City
Usak Archeology Museum had served as a central management center since 1978 until1966  and was turned into a museum since the  Treasure of Karuna  was brought to the place in 1996.  After this date, the construction was renovated and is displaying artifacts and ethnographic pieces found until the late era of Byzantium Empire, besides the Karuna Treasure.

Ataturk and Ethnographic Museum; The structure is an Ottoman Empire Construction. Sebaste Ruin / Historical Site was one of the most important highlights of 12 cities of Ancient Roma Empire. The site had it's golden age during the Byzantines Era and was a Bishop center in the 9th Century A.C.
Blaundus; The site was established by the Macedonians  After the trip of Alexander the Great was decorated with the castles, forts, temples, stadiums, cave graves / cemeteries and the ruins of theaters are still open to visit in this historical site ruin.

Mesotimolos is a cave / stone graves and tumulus worth to pay a visit from the age of Lydians.
Acmonia Ancient City was established on the famous king's road , and a ruin of antique theater in our present time some of the fortress walls of the caste and again some ruins of the grave / cemetery rooms, and the ruins of some of the structures of royal mint and health center. Kremon Agora has a significant place as it is also located on the King Road.

Pepuza, the ancient site was established during the Byzantines Empire Age, and was a settlement location of  believers belongs to Montanism Sectarian of Christianity and was destroyed in Byzantium Era.

Aluadda, Flaviopolis, Hieroxharax, Bagis and Dioklea are some of the other historical sites / ancient cities and ruins.

Bridges;  Cilandiras, Haci Gedik Bridge, Cataltepe, Beylerhan and Canli Bridges.

Thermals , natural spas and springs; Orencik Thermal Spa, Hamambogazi Spring, Emirfakili Natural Spa Source and Aksaz Spa and Thermal Centre.

Haci Gedik Inn, Pasha, Inay Caravansary, Bedestan Ancient Bazaar (1901), the monuments of Ataturk and Independence Day, Gogem Victory Monument, Memorial Tree and a few of Usak Old Historical houses under the preserve protection are some other places to visit to see the great history and the culture of the city.

Recreation  Spots, Akse Pine Forest, Ilicak Subasi Park, Evrenli Park, Evrendede Excursion Spot, Cokkozlar Picnic Area, Ulubey Pine Forests and Hamam Bogazi Picnic Area.

Provinces of Usak City.
Banaz, Sivasli, Ulubey, Esme and Karahalli.

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