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Tekirdag City

Tekirdag City located at the northern part of Marmara Sea of Marmara Region was first established by Thracians and dominated by Persians, Ancient Roma, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire one after another.
The city was named as Rhaedestus during the late Roma Era, Rodosto in Byzantine Age, Rodoscuk or Tekfurdagi durin the Ottoman Empire Era and lastly it was named and was Urbanized as a city with the name Tekirdag in 1927 after declaration of Republication.

Places to visit in Tekirdag

Museums; Tekirdag Museum covers a great selection of Stone work of art, Ethnographic works and the displaying halls of Archeological pieces with Tekirdag Room, and at the large backyard it's being displayed those artifacts from Hellenistic - Roma - Byzantine and Ottoman Empire Artifacts inside this mystic building.
Rakoczhi Museum, An old Turkish house where Francis II Rakoczhi (Hungarian National hero) spent 15 years of his lifetime in this place, which was the reason to name the museum after him. The museum displays some of the personal belongings of Francis II Rakoczhi , some of the art works that symbolize the union between Turkish - Hungarian nations are also being displayed since 1982.
House of Namik Kemal , A typical Tekirdag House that reflects the architecture of the area was opened for visit in 1994 and , it is decorated with ethnographic arts while displaying some of the works of our respected artist Namik Kemal.

Mosques: Eski (Old) Mosque 1831, Orta Mosque 1855, Rustempasa Mosque was built in 1554 , an art of Architect Sinan, Sohteoglu Mosque 1777, Yusufaga Mosque 1790 , Hasanefendi Mosque 1627, Mirliva Huseyinpasa Mosque 1498, Tasoglu 1406, Hasanefendi 1627, Turhanoglu Omer Bey 1494, Suleymaniye 1521 and Guzelce Hasan Bey mosques.

Tombs; Gazi Omer Bey tomb and Ahmed-i Sarban Tombs;
Historical Fountains; Rakoczhi Fountain, Ciftlikonu Central Fountain, Tavanli, Eskicamii Sadirvani, Sabanoglu, Iskele Sadirvani, Kebabci, Sogukkuyu, Kuru Sadirvani and Postane Fountains.

Monuments; Monument of Ataturk established in 1936, Namik Kemal Monument, Hurriyet (Liberty), Sehitler (Martyr) Monument, Sculpture of Ataturk and the Sculpture of Namik Kemal.
A Bedestan that was established by Rustempasa , and some of the ruins of city walls from Corlu, Malkara , Hayrabolu and Marmara Ereglisi are some of the other places to visit in Tekirdag, without having the exact borders plans.

Recreation Areas; Camlikoy Forest recreation spot, Kumbag Recreation Spot, Loladere, Ataturk Forests and Corlu Forests. Tekirdag shields plenty of sandy beaches as it is has borders to both Black Sea and Marmara Sea. Kastro and Kumbag camping are some of the favorite camping points of the city.Ergene Valley , the routes between Tatarli-Saglamtas, Inecik-Karacali-Cinarlidere Ganos Mountains, and ont he north part of Saray and the mountains on these areas are quite available for horse riding, nature walking, trekking and some other outdoor sports.

It is possible to be able to have chance for paragliding almost 365 days of a year in Nisantepe.Sarkoy and Marmara region of the city are some of the most popular places for fishing.

Provinces of Tekirdag
Muratli, Cerkezkoy, Saray, Corlu, Sarkoy, Hayrabolu, Marmara Ereglisi and Hayrabolu.

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