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Kayseri City Guide

Kayseri , named as Caesarea Mazaca during Roman Empire is located on the west side of Cappadocia and on the foot of Mount Erciyes.

The city have been a settlement for quite numerous Anatolian Civilizations through out history since Hattians to our present days with it's nearly 6000 years of historical background.

The evidence, scripted writing agreements,  and commercial contracts found in an archeological resource in Kultepe and Karum proves that the area was an important trade center in history.

Erciyes Mountain rising on the south part of Kayseri is the highest point of central Anatolia (Turkey) with a height of 3916 meters high. It provides great available racecourses for trekking and mountain climbing.

Erciyes Ski Center entertain it's visitors who are interested in winter sports especially between November and May Months to provide an unforgettable skiing experience on Mount Erciyes. It's a great attractive ski center and a tourism center for ski lovers with it's chair lifts and chairlifts each one with 1500 meters long.

The caves located inside the rocks on the top of Erciyes Mountain which was once the holy and sacred place of priests of Byzantines are also some of the other highlights and touristic place of Kayseri.

Kayseri's kitchen has a big affect on it's tourism business with it's delicious Pastirma (Dried meet with spcies), Manti (dumplings), kebaps, Pide (Pitta / Turkish Pizzas) and other type of dishes are only some of the dishes from rich Kayseri's cuisine that has a big affect on the tourism of the area.

Places to visit in Kayseri
Archeological Museum located in Gultepe District.

Ethnography Museum displaying Turkish Islamic arts from Ottoman Empire and Seljuks Dynasty Ages in Gunpoglu Pavilion.

Medical Science History Museum.

Kultepe Ruins / Ancient City; This antique city with a 500 meters diameter and 22 meters height Hoyuk Tepe Mound and Karum Antique city located around it gives an atmosphere of an open air museum for the visitors. Tablets left from Assyria Era are considered as the oldest writing and scripts of Anatolia / Turkey.

Kayseri Castle and City Walls; These works constructed in 3.rd century are in center of republications (Cumhuriyet  Center).

Clock Tower. The tower in Cumhuriyet Center was constructed in 1919.

Erciyes Mountain;  Mount Erciyes rising on the south of Kayseri is a nonactive volcanic mountain. The best racecourses for top climbing are performed on south west in Tekir Plato.

Erciyes Winter Sport Tourism Center; The tourism center located 25 km away from the city center is an important place for winter sports and mountain sports.

Kayseri also contains plenty natural richness for nature tours and trekking activities. Kapuzbasi Waterfalls, Aladaglar National Parks, and mountain lakes located in Aladaglar National Parks such as Gokgol, Yildiz and Karagol Lakes, Gokoluk, Akcay, Egri and Meyden Plateaus , Erciyes , Yay Lake and Sultan Sazligi are only some of the main natural beauties of Kayseri. There are rafting racecourses in Zamanti River and Canyon as well.

Sultan Sazligi (Marshy Place) Birds Paradise; The place located on the south of Erciyes Mountain in Develi Plato hosts quite numerous of birds in it.

Thermals, springs and spas; Haciveli Spa, Yesilhisar Springs, Zile Thermal, Bayramhaci Spa and Tekgoz Thermal.

Caves; Doganli Underground City in Yesilhisar Town, Kayabasi Caves in Bunyan Town, Agirnas Underground City in Melikgazi District, Ayvazhaci Village Asmali Cave in Develi Province, Esi Koy Caves in Incesu Town, Ilive Cave in Develi and Dikit Caves.

Provinces of Kayseri
Yahyali, Akkisla, Yesilhisar, Bunyan, Tomarza, Develi, Talas, Felahiye, Sariz, Hacilar, Sarioglan, Incesu, Pinarbasi, Kocasinan, Ozvatan and Melikgazi.

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