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Karabuk City Guide

Karabuk, was a district of Zonguldak til late 1995 hence it's one of the newest cities of Turkey in North Anatolia and it is located roughly 200 km away from Ankara on the North.

The location it was settled is the iron - steel centre of Turkey. one of the first steel factory of Republic of Turkey was established in this area in 1939, and had improved itself on a high speed based industrially.
The area has quite rich ore beds in limestone and white marble although manganese  and mineral coal come from Zonguldak and iron ore from Divrigi.

Karabuk is one of Turkey's cities which has the largest forest area within it's borders ,a nature wonder having a great variety range and types of trees where you will feel like a tropical place, Yenice Forest, Historical Safranbolu Houses are also listed in World's Heritage List, ancient cities, caves, canyons,  and with it's plateaus it is a tourism paradise.

Safranbolu and Historic Safranbolu Houses are some of the places in the list of must-go or must-see as they have their extraordinary splendid historical atmosphere and a historical background of 2 centuries.
Karauzumler, Kaymakamlar House, Mumtazlar, Kavsalar, Kileciler, Sipahioglu Houses are some of the most beautiful structure of area's architecture.

Places to Visit in Safranbolu

Safranbolu Houses; Those traditional historical houses belonging to 18.Th century and having a popularity world-wide is a highlight of the places, and of those houses 1200 have been under protection

Watch / Clock Tower Safranbolu; The tower behind the building of justice with a height of 20 meter was constructed in 1797.

Museums; Karabuk Kardemir Iron Steel Museum and Ahmet Demirezen Shoe Making Museum in Safranbolu Town.

Kaymakamlar Museum Houses; This an education and a museum building is in Safranbolu Town.

Hadrianpolis Antique City and Ruins; Those ruins are belong to 64 B.C. located in Eskipazar Town.

Mosques and Churches; St. Stefanos Church (Grand Mosque), Koprulu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, Eski (Old) Mosque, Tas Minare Mosque, Dagdelen, Hidayetullah, Akcasu, Izzet Mehmet Pasa Mosques and Kurei Hadit mosque in Eflani are only some of the highlighted structure of the area.

Cinci House, Old Hamam, New Hamam (Bath), Yazikoy Hamam and Bulah Hamam (Turkish Bath).

Fountains and Bridges; Taskopru (Stone Bridge), Tokatli Birdge and 93 fountains in Safranbolu Town.

The area on north of Safranbolu is being used as a summer place and contains many houses within it's borders.

Davutobasi Village is located 20 km away from Safranbolu on the west, and they produce Saffron in this village

Castles; Safranbolu Castle and Asar Castle in Eflani Town,

Old government office; the building in Safranbolu has an attribute of history and architecture.

Sun Clock is located in the front yard of Koprulu Mehmet Pasa Mosque.

Inkaya Stone Tombs are located in Hacilarobasi Village.

Bulak Cave; Bulak Cave (Mencilis) located in Bulak Village has a distance of 6,5 km and it had it's statue in the list of world's speleology as being the 4th biggest cave of Turkey. Beside Bulak Cave it's second important cave is in Safranbolu Town Hizir Cave.

Canyons; Sakaralan, Ince Kaya, Sircali, Duzce, Tokatli Canyons and Seker Canyon has splendid gorgeous beauties.

Ince Kaya Water Bridge; The historical structure used to produce the city's water need.

Recreation Spots;  Eflani, Goktepe, Egri Ova, Nature Park,  Cetioren and Gokpinar Recreation Spots.

Karabuk Provinces;
Safranbolu, Eflani, Ovacik, Eskipazar and Safranbolu.

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