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Giresun City Travel

Giresun, is one of the gorgeous city of eastern Black Sea. The landscape from  sea shore to the city which is established on a peninsula the gardens of famous hazelnuts, and the rich forests on it's high hills, and above all of these high hills among the fogs it's plateaus are  some of the city's famous highlights and landscapes.

The towns located on the road of Trabzon to Giresun such as Tirebolu, Kesap, Gorele, Espiye, Akcaabat and Dereli each one of them with their unique and fascinating natural beauties are some of the places worth to visit in the area.

The  transhumance on it's famous plateaus because of the geographical locations Giresun has  and because of economical reasons that directs area's people to do transhumance is country wide famous and quite popular in the area.

Touristic areas and plateaus which provides great opportunities to it's visitors for trekking tourism, camping, mountain tours, walking tours, nature photographing and for many other outdoor sports and activities.

Some of the most famous plateaus of Giresuns are  Bektas, Kulakkaya, Egribel, Kubmet, Sisdagi and Karaovacik also provides racecourse and opportunities for winter sports as well.

The most famous Plateaus festivals which are held traditionally all year around  are quite fun and taking people's  attention and brings many tourist visitors both local and internationally , among these festivals Aksu Culture and Art Festival is one of the most special one which is held every year during May.

Places to visit in Giresun

Giresun Museum (Gogora Church); The structure was established as a church in century, and was restored and turned into a museum in 1982.  There are plenty of materials being displayed from Bronze Age to Ottoman Empire Time.

Children Museum (Catholic Church); The construction is located in  Cinarlar District in the city center and was established in the beginning of 19th. century.

Giresun Island; The island which took place in legend is the unique island of east Black Sea region where human can live, it's being referred as a  holy place and it used to be base of Amazons in history.

It's being held a festival for the name of Aksu in the area in 20th of May.

Sebinkarahisar Tashanlar is located on the north side of the castle in city center.

Zeytinlik District; The district which represents the historic houses and structure of Giresun is being preserved as the city's S.I.T. protection area.
Sebinkarahisar Ataturk's House Museum; The building where Ataturk used to stay during his visit to Sebinkarahisar in 1924 is located in city centre.

Castle of Giresun; The castle which is considered as being constructed by Pharnakes I. in 2.nd century B.C. and is located on the top of the whill which divides the city into two section.

Castles; Sebinkarahisar Castle, Giresun Castle, Tirebolu Bedrama Castle, Andoz Castle, Torebolu Castle and Eynesil Castle.

Mosques and Tombs; Kale Mosque, Haci Huseyin Mosque, Kursunlu, Haci Miktad, Seyh Keramettin, Cekek, Tas Mescid, Fahrettin Behram, Soguksu and Kapu Mosques and Sari Halife Tomb.
Churches and Monasteries; Church of Sebinkarahisar Licese, and Church of Sebinkarahisar Virgin Mary.

Kumbet Plato, Plato of Bektas and Festivals, Yavuz Kemal Province Kulakkaya Plateau,  Melikli Oba, Tanzara, Tamdere, Pasakonagi, Kulakkaya, Sis Dagi (Fog Mountain) , Dokuzgoz, Cakrak and Anastas Plateaus.

Kasap Sahin Rock; Right in the middle of the rock found in Karabulduk Town Armutlu Village has a shape of Turkey's Map drawn by nature with trees and plants.

This rock area had been under protection area and is labeled as first degree SIT area.

Church , Klise Kirani; presents a unique and spectacular fine landscape of the area , located on the top of the plateau.

Thermals, Spas and Spring; The location quite rich in Natural Mineral Water, Inisdibi Mineral Water, Caldas Mineral Spring and Fresa Mineral Water are located in Batlama Creek.

Pinarlar Mineral Spring Water is located on the road of Sebinkarahisar. Alucra Aktepe Village Thermal Spa is in Alucra Village.

Provinces of Giresun.
Gorele, Alucra, Guce, Bulancak, Kesap, Camoluk, Piraziz, Canakci, Sebinkarahisar, Dereli, Tirebolu, Dogankent, Yaglidere, Espiye and Eynesil.

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