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Diyarbakir Tour & Travel Guide

Diyarbakir, located in south east part of the country right next to Dicle River is still giving the historic atmosphere to it's visitors as surrounded by the long city walls all around.

Local architect that is displayed on the small flat floor houses to be able to preserve from the hot weather in summer is one of the highlight of the area.

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Being on the historic silk road made the area a center of art, culture , trade and a science center and it keeps these attributes even at present.
One of it's old name is Diyar-i Bekr (Area of Bekr) takes this name from the Arab tribes of Bekr , during the movements of Arabs to the country.

The long and wide city walls around the city with a linear of 5,5 km makes it the second big walls of the world after Great Wall of China, these city walls are from the era of Byzantine Empire.

This Great city walls has 16 castles, 4 main gates (Dag gate, Urfa Gate, Mardin Gate and New Gate) and has 82 towers in it , with a height of 12 mt, which makes it one of the most highlights of the city and is one of the must-see place of Diyarbakir.

Among the traditional hand craft arts of Diyarbakir, coppersmithing, silk weaving and art of jewelery are the main ones of the hand craft art of the area. Despite the fact that the manufacturing got a lot less than it used to be , silk weaving is still quite popular in the area.

Besides those some other hand made art of the are is famous such as making felt, saddlebag, kilim weaving, waist clothing, hand made towels and carpet weaving / trading.

Places to visit in Diyarbakir, Turkey

Museum of Diyarbakir; The museum had been re organized in 1988 has a rich archeological materials.
City walls of Diyarbakir.

City castle in the center.

Ziya Gokalp museum house, is the place where Ziya Gokalp was born and this house had been turned into a museum for the visitors.

Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum House.

Antique cities and ruins; Ergani , Cayonu, Sesverenpinar, Hilal Cave, Cave of Hassuni, Merkez Silvan, Bismil Uctepe.

Bridge of Malabadi; The bridge had been established by Artuqid Dynasty is in the town of Silvan. Dicle Bridge and Haburman bridge are also worth to give a visit beside this.

Mosques; Kale Mosque, Diyarbakir Grand Mosque, Pasa Mosque and Safa Mosque.

Churches; Virgin Merry Assyrian Church and Saint Georgi Church.

Caves; Mainly Hilar Cave in Ergani Town, Birkleyn Cave in Lice Town, Hassuni Cave in Silvan, Cungus, Suleyman Aga, Pir Ibrahim and Sikefta caves are only some of the many natural and human made caves of the area.

Provinces of Diyarbakir;
Silvan, Besmil, Lice, Cermik, Kulp, Cinar, Kocakoy,Cungus, Hazro, Dicle, Hani, Egil and Ergani.

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