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Top 10 local Turkish Food to taste in Istanbul


What to eat during your visit to Istanbul. Check-out our recommended top 10 Turkish Local Foods and where to find them in Istanbul City. Turkish kitchen has a great variety of selection to offer for weather you are a foodie or not, those recommended foods will complete your opinion about Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine.

Turkey has a great variety of selection from different type of dishes to offer. Read out our article below to taste some of the most interesting and special dishes from Ottoman & Turkish local cuisine and where to find them in Istanbul City.

1.) Kebap.
As you might have guessed, Kebap is one of the most known and easy-to-find Turkish Food. There are plenty of Kebap Types from beef,chicken , lamp and vegetable Kebaps. Our recommendation for the Kebap would be Cagri Kebap which is a special dish from Elazig City of Turkey and one can find a local restaurants in Hocapasa - Sirkeci District of Istanbul to taste this special dish.

2,) Lentil Soup
Restaurant in Istanbul
This probably is going to be one of your favorite soup of all once you have chance to taste it. Traditional Lentil is can be found in almost each eatery around the city. It might be a good starter or a breakfast choose as the locals would do.

3.) Pide - Turkish Pizza
A definitely must-eat on a vacation to Istanbul. Pide or Turkish Pizza comes in different sizes, types and shapes with a multiple choice  of several different ingredient. You might want to try chees pide if you are a veggie.