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Discussion on available Turkey Transportation Types (Bus/ rail/ air/ sea) and transportation system


Discussion on Turkish Transportation Types and System to get to a city or places of interest at its most convenient way, to get answers for one of the most frequent asked questions such as "how to get to Antalya from Istanbul, What is the best convenient transportation types between the places of interests of touristic areas".

Turkey is such a country which is different from other countries for some obvious reasons. Turkey is the only city that belongs to both the continents Europe and Asia. That is why it is said that east meets the west in this land. More than 10 sites of this country are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. As a result million of tourists come here every year. For this purpose the transportation system of Turkey is so well organized, maintained and highly developed. Turkey Transportation system is discussed here in detail.

Public Transportation or Private ?

Turkish Air way Transportation THY
The both transport system, public and private are highly developed in Turkey. Turkish State Railways possess 10, 984 km of area where 2,336 km are electrified. Between Ankara and Istanbul, a high speed railway track is being constructed lately. On the other hand, the normal speed railway track is being renovated. After finishing these projects, the travel time will be reduced between these 2 cities from 6.5 hours to almost 3 hours. The high speed railway line between cities Konya and Ankara was just finished in 3rd June, 2011. Cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, and Adana are connected with underground railway systems.

Availability in major cities and suburbs

After more than 30 years without trams, the tram lines were constructed in Turkey in 1992. In 2005, Istanbul was considered as having the best tram management in whole Turkey. There is a ‘light metro’ system in the city Ankara, sometimes the system is called as Ankara Metro. Cities like Kayseri, Samsun, Eskisehir, Konya and Istanbul are connected with Light Rail Transit system.

What is a Dolmus (pronounced as doll - moosh ?)

All the cities in Turkey are well connected by innumerable of buses provided by various private bus companies. In small villages, there are available vehicles called Dolmuses (small vans) that can contain about 20 passengers. More than 15 million of road vehicle were seen in Turkey in 2010. Except theses there are lots of other vehicles, such as, 386, 973 minibuses, 2,399,038 small trucks, 726,359 trucks and 35,492 special purpose vehicles.

From a statistics it is known that, In Turkey, there are almost 155 numbers of tunnels (total length 99.5 km), 6447 numbers of bridges (length 296.3 km). This is the evident that the whole Turkey is so well connected by every mean. There were more than 6,472,156 numbers of passenger cars that used in transport in 2007.

Sea Ways - Ferries & Ships and Boats

Turkey Transportation Types 2
Waterways is also well constructed and it contributed to the transport system of Turkey. There are around 565 ships with 1000 gross register tons. There are also ships by types, such as, 25 roll on/ roll off ships, 1 refrigerated cargo ship, 32 petroleum tanker ships, 48 passenger cargo ships, 4 passenger ships, 30 container ships etc. This lot of ships and other marine vehicles constructed a well connection among all the cities of Anatolia from west to east, north to south.

On the other hand, Turkey is not far behind in air transport, rather the country is considered as one of the best in this field. Turkish Airlines is known as best airlines in the world. Many airports with innumerable numbers of aeoroplanes are available in the country that makes Turkey a highly developed airlines city.

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