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Yozgat City Guide

Yozgat City located on the inner side of Central Anatolia next to inner part of "Red River" is neighbor with Sivas City on the east cost, Kirsehir and Kirikkale on west, Kayseri and Nevsehir on South, Corum, Amasya and Tokat cities on northern side.

Yozgat with a great history of 5,000 years has hosted plenty of civilizations has been ruled under the Hittites, Phrygia, Lydia, Persians, Macedonians, Cappadocia Kingdom, Galatia, Byzantine and Roma Empires over the centuries. The city had been named for the plateau it was settled on "Bozok" has taken the name "Yozgat" in 1927. 

Camlik park which was turned into a national park in 1958 is one of the most outstanding  sightseeing place of Yozgat for a daily trip, camping, picnicking and other outdoor activities with a 265 hectare open air area.

Kazankaya Valley (Canyon) is displaying a unique nature wonders with it's Settlement areas belonging to Hellenistic Age,  caves and shapes on the rocks and on the other side providing a great opportunities of outdoor sports for trekking , mountaineering, hiking , fishing and sightseeing travel to city which make this one of the highlights of Yozgat for it's visitors especially with the annually organized festivals being held in the area.

Karanlik (Karani) Creek Valley is another place to visit in this lovely city for daily sightseeing tours, bicycle tours, picnic area, and for hunting as well.

Places to visit in Yozgat

Yozgat Museum, also known as Nizamoglu Pavilion / House that was built before 1871 and is displaying ethnographic pieces arts, and archeological pieces on it's garden.

Ruins & Historical sites;
Mercimektepe Mount, Alisar Tumulus, Cadirhoyuk, Ceske Castle, Underground City, Kazankaya, Kerkenes Antique City (Pteria) , Kizlarkayasi, Buyuknesef also known as Tavium, and Hapisbogaz.

Historical Mosques, toms and temples;

Osmanpasa Mosque and Tomb of Emirce Sultan (built in 1315), Capanoglu Mosque (1779), Hosyar Kadin aka Nakipzade (1844), Kayyimzade or Aliefendi (1804), Cevahir Ali Efendi (1788), Abullah Aga  (1796), Bascavus Mosque (1800-1801), Musa Aga (1800), Tekke Camii (1899-1900), Seyh Ahmed Efendi Mosques (1858-1859) with Ali Celebi and Mahmut Celebi Tombs (1466-1471), Candir Sah Sultan Tom, (1499-1500), Cerkez Bey Tomb (1587-1888), Seyh Necdi Mevlevi House.

Historical and important houses, pavilions & buildings;
Karslioglu House, Haci Ozan Pavilion, Nizamoglu House aka Yozgat Musuem, Miralay House or Sakarya Elementary School, Salim Korkmaz and Hayri Inal Pavilions.

Karabiyik Bridge (built in 1516), Akdagmadeni Church (1862), Behramsah Castle (13th Century),  clock tower,
Yozgat High School (1895-1896),  Cumhuriyet (Republic School) Mektebi (1927), Hamidiye Fountain with Clock (1900), Taskopru / Stone Bridge (Capanoglu Edip Bey) are only some of the other historical highlights of Yozgat worth to pay a visit.

Thermal Spa & Hot waters
Sorgun Thermals, Bahariye / Cavlak Spas, Saraykent , Bogazliyan, and Yerkoy Thermals and hot spas are the leading spas and thermal waters of the city.

Recreation Spots & Sightseeing areas;
Bozok Plateau, Hisarbeyli Plateau, Sebekpinari upland, Kadipinari Spring, Akdagmadeni Forest and Cayiralani Forests.

Provinces of Yozgat
Akldagmadeni, Yerkoy, Aydincik, Yenifakili, Bogazliyan, Candir, Sefaatli, Cekerek, Kadisehri, Sorgun, Saraykent and Sarikaya.

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