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Kilis City Guide

Kilis located  in Eastern South East Anatolia / Turkey , on the border of Turkey - Syria is famous with it's textile weaving of cotton and silk fabrics and with it's leather materials. Kilis has been a city in 1995.

Beings on a location such as the entrance road from little Asia to front Asia has made this place an important trade center especially for border trading from past to our present days.

The cultural and historical legacy the city has are the main components which make the area a potential tourism center.  There are quite a lot historical artifacts worth to see mainly Mounds, Castle Ravanda, traditional architecture of the city, old historic houses, historic mosques and many more archeological and historical artifacts, ruins and footprints in the area.

Kuzuini Antqique City Area and Kuzuini Castle located 5 kilometers away from the city center gives an atmosphere of open air museum for the visitors and it is one of the must-see spot of Kilis.

Places to visit in Kilis

Ravanda Castle; The castle is located roughly 24 kilometers away from the city centre around Polateli Belenozu Village. The construction is being told to be constructed by Hittites and was conquered by Ottoman Empire in 1516 , and along the history it was used as a garrison commander by the Empires and Civilizations who ruled the are.

Mounds, Tumulus and the Ruins; Catal Mound in Elbeyli, Leylit Tumulus in Kilis City Center, Yavuzlu Tumulus City Centre, Taslibakar Mound in Elbeyli Town, Akpinar, Belentepe Tumulus in Musabeyli, Sinap and Acap Mound,  Polatbey in Polateli, Karamelik in Center, Murat in Musabeyli, Camurlu in  Elbeyli , Corten and Sinnap in Central, Inanli in Centre, Kizil in Elbeyli Town, Kumludere, Tileyli Tumulus and Mounds are some of the important historical  ruins of the area.

Oylum Mound / Tumulus;  With a history that goes back up to Babylonia Civilization was established in 3500 B.C and was a settlement for  numerous civilizations through out history.

Fountain; Some of the 16 Fountains established in Kilis which is still in good shape at present are Salih Aga Fountain, Kurdaga, Ispir Pasa, Fellah and Namika Historical Fountain of the location.

Hamam (Turkish Baths); Eski / Old  Hamam, Hasan Bey / Cukur Hamam, Hoca Hamam, Pasa and  Tuglu Yeni Pasa / Deltapan Hamams and Baths.

Historical Kilis Houses; Neset Efendi Pavilion, Ahmet Bey, Azize Uygur, Muhlis Salihoglu, Kifayet Bariskan, Safder Tumay, Meliha Uzumbali, Hayrettin Mimaroglu, Zubeyda Ulgen Neci Pavilions are only some of the old historical houses and pavilions in the location.

Mosaic Basilica; The Basilica left over by Early Christians Era is established around the mound of Oylum.

Kilis Tekke (Dervish Lodge) lodge (used by Mevlevi dervishes); The Lodge used to train Dervishes in past is located in Cumhuriyet (Republics) Center.

Historical Mosque and Masjids; Grand Mosque belonging to Ottoman Empire Era and Before, Akcurun, Alacaci and Tekke Mosque which was constructed during Ottoman Empire Age , Haci Dervis, Kadi, Muallak, Zeytinli, Hindioglu, Calik, Pirlioglu, Cuneyne, Hasan Attar, Seyh, Seyh Hilal, Seyh Suvedan, Murtaza Aga, Mehmet Pasa, Seyh Suleyman and Seyh Efendi Tekkesi are only some of the main historical mosques and religious buildings areound the place.

Recreation Spots; Karatas Park / Cumhuriyet (Republic) Park are in the city center.
There is a artificial dam lake in Sogutludere.

Provinces of Kilis
Musabeyli, Kilis City Center, Elbeyli and Polateli

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