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Hakkari City Guide

Hakkari, is established on the south of Zap Valley surrounded by Iran on east, Iraq on south, Sirnak on west and Van city on north.

The area has a wide rage of  continental climate all over, and surrounded by high mountains all around. Cilo and Sat mountains are some of which are providing opportunities for winter sports and racecourse for mountain climbing.

Valley of Zap and it's Hills gives the area a spectacular beautiful landscape with snow on it's top.

Al tough it does not have enough substructure in our present days it still provides plenty of hot spots for outdoor sports with it's great nature and with the historic artifacts it has within it's borders.

Tourism fields would give the area a great economic help and would help the city improve itself when it's advertised enough.

The history background of Hakkari starts during Paleolithic Age and carries many footprints and artifacts of many Anatolian Civilizations such as Stone / cave sculptures and drawings found in Guveruk and Tirsin Plateaus, plenty of early christian churches, palaces and many other historical artifacts.

Hakkari has it's own flora with it's high hills and mountain areas.

The city has it's own unique flower which is called as reverse peak tulip  (Ters Lale) or crying tulip (Aglayan Lale) because of it has a shape of tulip which is upside down is only being grown in this area on Cilo Mountain therefore it has been under private protection and is not allowed to send / export to abroad.

Kilim weaving almost all over the city is quite a popular handcraft art.

Places to visit in Hakkari
Cave Painting; These paintings on cave found in Tirsin and Gevaruk Plateaus from 6000 years B.C. are representing an atmosphere of an open air museum.

Ram Sculpture is located in Yuksekova City center.

Dirheler / Dev (Giant) Houses; Those constructions have been made on the rocks by digging for defense and protection purposes are in Tirsin Plato.

Hakkari Kaledibi Ruins Stells of Hakkari.

Bay Castle is located 8 kilometers away from city center on south.

Tas Kopru / Stone Bridge; The bridge constructed on Semdinli Brook is 12 kilometers away from downtown.

Center Madrassah; These opus belonging to 1700 B.C. is located in Bicer District of Hakkari.

Kelat Palace is 17 kilometers on the south of Semdinli Town.

Kayma Palace is on the edge of Saray / Palace River.

Churches; Hakkari / Kocanis Konak Church, Halil Church, Derav Church and Gagevran Village Church.

Zeynel Bey Madrassah is located in Gulerek Province of Hakkari.

Provinces of Hakkari
Yuksekova, Cukarca and Semdinli.

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